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Sunday, February 5, 2017


I'm told he'll be given 5 years in prison with 10 years special probation to follow and lifetime registration as a sex offender when he appears for sentencing on March 31, 2017.

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-----Troop D Trooper arrests Woodstock man for sexual assault of a minor-----
On 02/18/16, Gary Sheldon of Roseland Park Road, Woodstock, CT was arrested after turning himself in at Troop D after a lengthy investigation revealed he was allegedly sexually assaulting a child over a three year period of time.
Troop D secured a warrant for Sheldon's arrest, which was issued after a three-and-a-half month investigation where it was reported that Sheldon had repeatedly sexually assaulted a juvenile female when she was 11-years-old up until she was 13.
Sheldon has been charged with one count of risk of injury to a minor, illegal sexual contact with a victim under the age of 18, and first degree sexual assault through use or threat of force -all are felony charges.
Sheldon remains in custody on a $250,000 bond after appearing in Danielson Superior Court on 02/19/16.

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Terry Allyn Travers
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Ann Bousquet
Ann Bousquet Once again.....awesome work!!
Arthur Beshaw
Arthur Beshaw Looking good Gary! POS! Scum bag!! Way to put shame on your family's name! I think you may be better off in jail then in Woodstock!
John Ladd
John Ladd We have to change the laws so these animals can be charged with a capital felony so we can try them for a death sentence!
Susan Jankot
Susan Jankot One has to wonder what sort of home circumstances the child victim lived under that this could have gone on for years...??? was there no one that could be trusted to tell what was happening? Did he threaten the child?
Amy Delgado-Sweet Liles
Amy Delgado-Sweet Liles THIS is one the the times when an officer should say the suspect lunged at him and empty his magazine into the guy's head. What's sad is pedophiles routinely get little to no jail time while their victims have been robbed of a normal life.
Katie Riel - Spenard
Katie Riel - Spenard What a scumbag! One count of risk of injury... It should be for every time he touched her or forced her to do anything. Lock him up and throw away the key. Her life will never be the same and he will NEVER be rehabilitated for liking little girls. Disgusted that these people even exist!
Lisa Avola Allard
Lisa Avola Allard What happened to society ! Such dirtbags! Not good enough for the bottom of my shoe!!! His life doesn't matter!!!! This is why blue lives matter , because if they didn't , evil like him would be around every corner waiting and we would have no one to protect our innocent children!!!!!
Melissa Peabody
Melissa Peabody This makes me sick to my stomach!! Scumbag piece of s$@t!! I hope he gets whats coming to him in jail!!!
Rob Kania
Rob Kania Sick bastard

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Ashley Acquaviva
Ashley Acquaviva This is horrible ! Glad you guys got this loser!
Drew Oconnell
Drew Oconnell Have fun in lock up big fella!!!
LeeAnn Anita
LeeAnn Anita Great job, Troop D! Lots of love to that little girl and her family 💜💜💜
Bob Eskey
Bob Eskey By the balls from a tree,is where he should be.
Denise Sargent Lapointe
Denise Sargent Lapointe Shocked. This man lives in my apartment building..
Missy Lapalme
Missy Lapalme May karma find ur sick ass in the worse way!!!!!
Kelly Taylor
Kelly Taylor He shouldn't get bond guys that rape kids like that should get life so they don't get out and do it again and again
Stephanie Turner
Stephanie Turner Ugh another one so close to us Nathan Turner. Maybe we won't go to roseland park anymore...
Denise Sargent Lapointe
Denise Sargent Lapointe Moved into the building last summer. To think my grandchildren have been only a few doors away.
Brad Riley
Brad Riley That's nasty I'll catch a ticket all day if he was locked up wit me idk who wouldn't
Jackie Ryan
Jackie Ryan must be a buddy of the Fafords......
Lori Peabody
Lori Peabody Scumbag hang him by the balls oh wait minute he might like it cut them off good job troop d another dirtbag put away!!
Joe Turner
Joe Turner Special place in hell for people like him!
Michael Patton
Michael Patton This scumbag abused a child HE SHOULD BE ABUSED & THEN TORTURED.
Shawn McKenna
Shawn McKenna Yea looks the type. Fat slob cant get a gf, has to abuse kids....put him to death.
Brad Riley
Brad Riley Randy Rioux this who I think it is??
Bonnie Phillips Huntley
Bonnie Phillips Huntley Good job Troop D. Let the boys on the inside have fun with him now
Jackei White-Gorski
Jackei White-Gorski scumbag. ...cant wait til he gets dealt with in prison Sheldon
Jake Gadbois
Jake Gadbois If he's guilty, HANG HIM!
Rachel Natal
Rachel Natal Um omg! That's scary do to the fact of the girls omg
Sheila Morrison Sliwoski
Sheila Morrison Sliwoski Disgusting piece of shit!!!
Kevin Houghton
Kevin Houghton Fuck sending him to prison, shoot him in the head game over, or give him a choice, what do want to keep your dick or one of your hands choose quickly
Tyler Ellsworth
Tyler Ellsworth He's good looking wonder why he couldn't just go to the bar?
Leslie Keaten
Leslie Keaten Bob Blair-one of your relatives got in trouble 😐
Michelle Kendrick
Michelle Kendrick I don't understand why it took three months to get him
Melinda Lyon
Melinda Lyon What a sick man!! He will pay in prison.
Jay Roy
Jay Roy what a piece of shit
Micki Smith
Micki Smith Bullets are cheap !
Sam Resnick
Sam Resnick Good job guys.

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Leena Cacciapuoti
Leena Cacciapuoti Good work Troop D
Derek Linzy
Derek Linzy He needs to hang it up
Darlene Bunn
Cindy Dixon
Cindy Dixon Friggin sicko !
Ian Currier
Ian Currier Hang him.
Dawn Bunn-LaCroix
Dawn Bunn-LaCroix POS! Great job Troop D!
Robin Mickelson Piela
Robin Mickelson Piela Is this a mug shot???
Jane Que
Jane Que PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Gary Sheldon was released on bail last Friday, April 8, 2016. With the help of his brother Peter Sheldon and his attorney, Rob Britt of Hartford, they were able to get his bond reduced from $250,000 to $150,000 and secure ...See More